Episode 1: the Dawn of Pediatric Urgent Care

Episode 1: the Dawn of Pediatric Urgent Care


Featured Guests:

Jeff Schor, MD MBA MPH FAAP – Dr. Schor is a pediatric emergency physician. He completed his pediatrics residency and fellowship at Children’s National Medical Center and subsequently ran a pediatric ED in NY for 10 years before leaving the hospital to co-found PM Pediatrics in 2005. Dr. Schor oversees all clinical operations.

Steve Katz, MBA – Steve is almost a pediatrician by-proxy after spending 15+ years working intimately in pediatric urgent care as a co-founder of PM Pediatrics. Steve received his MBA from Stanford and subsequently worked as a management consultant and in consumer products before entering health care where he oversees all nonclinical operations of the business.


In this conversation, Jeff and Steve highlight the formation and evolution of pediatric urgent care. What started as a friendship in college blossomed into an ideal partnership among two true innovators who bridged their divergent expertise with a common vision to build something great.

Key Points:

  • Taking risk
  • Balancing quality with patient-centric care
  • Overcoming barriers
  • Investing in growth
  • Lessons learned
  • Trends in retail