Episode 2: Fact/Fiction in Pediatric Hand Trauma

Episode 2: Fact/Fiction in Pediatric Hand Trauma

Featured Guests

Ryan Katz, MD – Dr. Katz is a world-renowned hand surgeon at MedStar Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland where he cares for children and adults. Union is one of the premier hand surgery facilities in the world. Dr. Katz specializes in reconstructive complex hand surgeries including toe-to-finger translocations and other techniques to create functional digits following trauma. Dr. Katz completed his general surgery and plastic surgery training at Johns Hopkins before completing his hand fellowship at Union Memorial Hospital. He completed his undergraduate training at Duke University and was phi beta kappa in his medical school class at the University of Maryland.


In this conversation, we debunk several myths and misconceptions in the care of pediatric hand injuries from the perspective of a leading hand surgeon. We talk about management strategies for common pediatric fractures, tendon injuries, nailbed disruption, and lacerations of the hand, as well as practice variation in splinting and procedural care. Dr. Katz differentiates emergencies vs. urgencies and how recognition and coordinated care with a hand specialist is often the most important management strategy for hand trauma.

Key Points

  • Palmar approach to digital nerve blocks
  • Lidocaine with epinephrine in digits
  • What’s important in managing phalanx fractures
  • Management strategies for metacarpal fractures
  • Recognizing tendon injuries
  • Repairing nailbed injuries
  • Deep hand infections
  • Myths and misconceptions; variation in practice
  • Urgency vs. emergency
  • Animal bites