Episode 3: NP’s and PA’s and Doctor’s … oh my?

Episode 3: NP’s and PA’s and Doctor’s … oh my?

Featured Guests

Eric Weinberg, MD FAAP – Dr. Weinberg is a pediatric emergency physician by training. He now works exclusively in pediatric urgent care where he directs several education initiatives for PM Pediatrics including the physician fellowship program, the PUCC conference, and learning technologies. Dr. Weinberg co-leads the AAP steering committee on Education for the Section of Urgent Care Medicine. Prior to working in pediatric urgent care, he spent 10 years working in the ED between NYU, Cornell, and Westchester medical center.

Marisa Rodriguez, PA-C – Marisa has spent 10+ years working as a physician assistant in pediatric urgent care at PM Pediatrics. Marisa directs procedural education and oversees the 6-month PA fellowship program. Prior to working in pediatric urgent care, Marisa spent 5 years working in the ED taking care of both kids and adults.

Jaclyn Spitzer, PNP – Jackie is a pediatric-nurse practitioner who oversees the NP fellowship program at PM Pediatrics. Jackie spent years as a pediatric ED nurse before completing her NP degree and specializing in pediatric urgent care.


In this conversation, Eric, Marisa, and Jackie step into the ring to duke out the real differences between physicians, NP’s, and PA’s working side-by-side in pediatric urgent care. Whereas some medical fields compartmentalize providers into different roles based on degree and training, this is not typical in urgent care where providers often work independently and in parallel regardless of degree…yet each brings unique perspective and experience to the care of children. Eric, Marisa, and Jackie will discuss the past, present, and future of advanced practice providers in pediatric urgent care.

Key Points

  • Experience vs. degree
  • Differentiating training structures
  • Titles and nomenclature
  • Overcoming barriers and misconceptions
  • Trends
  • Gaps in training

Resources Mentioned:

Forbes Magazine (2017) – ………….