Episode 4: Patient Experience 2020: Convenience vs. Quality

Episode 4: Patient Experience 2020: Convenience vs. Quality

Featured Guests

Jason Dupuis – Jason is the Chief Patient Experience Officer for PM Pediatrics. Prior to venturing into pediatric urgent care, Jason was the director of emergency and admitting services at Boston Children’s. He has a Masters in Healthcare Administration and is certified in lean/six sigma.

Pat Dillingham – Pat is the Patient Experience Manager for PM Pediatrics. Previously, Pat spent years as the customer success manager for Athena Health.

Megan Crandell, RN – Megan is a pediatric nurse who has spent almost two decades working in several different pediatric ED’s where she has helped lead several different change committees to improve efficiency and patient-centric care. As she occasionally works in pediatric urgent care, Megan offers perspective on the fundamental differences in approach, care, and barriers to optimizing the patient experience in both environments.


In this conversation, we delve deep into the patient perspective to dissect the true needs and wants of families when they seek acute care for illness or injury. Jason, Pat, and Megan compare ED to UC and explore the barriers to patient-centric care as clinicians balance acuity, quality, expectations, time, and space.

Key Points

  • Un-met wants vs. needs
  • What families really expect
  • Most common complaints in UC
  • Strategies for customer service
  • Balancing room management with time expectations
  • Mis-diagnosis and progression of disease
  • Increasingly time-sensitive consumer-base
  • Contrasting expectations between traditional retail and medical retail